Wednesday, 9 November 2016

where have I been ? ( Life updates)

Deep breath ........ My hands have fiddled so much on the key board about this post in fact for the past few days , that I thought I must put my absence in words otherwise it's never gonna happen . I know I was absent from blogging world forever almost for 2. Years . Technically I was still very much rather proactive on Instagram and on my other social media sites , in other words you can call that microblogging  . In the mean time I fell pregnant with my bubba no 3 and as many of you can understand pregnant with two children is hard enough in itself .I welcomed my third baby on 29th December 2015 .Alhumdulillah (all thanks to Allah). In these 2 years a lot has been changed, my love for fashion ,style and colour selection has all changed . I am on a journey towards minimalism . It's is still a work in progress very much . I will be blogging about to that soon . And I am finally planing on making some sewing tutorials too. I am going to publish backlogs of my family road trips as travelling is our new found love as a family and nothing beats family road trips .
Looking forward for your support in my new ventures around blogging world .
Much love