Monday, 12 December 2016


Hello ! lovely people I started weaning my  11 months old baby(Mozy bear) few months ago . As much as we mamas stress about home cooked baby food and I am not denying its importance but we all use shop bought  baby food  at sometimes . I was so thrilled to discover stage 2  For Aisha's Halal baby food pouches . It was so convenient to use out and about and Mozzy bear just loved eating from it as, it was easy to squeeze and swallow , I remember whenever i went to Morrisons I was literally buying the whole box as  I have two older children and it came handy in school runs when i had to rush out  for school runs and other appointments or when i was really busy . I wish we had it around when i had my older two children few years ago .
The hearty wholesome purees are perfect for babies from around 10 months or any little one exploring thicker purees and new flavours that a few new teeth can enjoy.
 Made with the finest certified British halal meat and crammed with natural goodness, the pouches are available in three variants from around the world – Chicken Rainbow Quinoa, Green Bean & Lamb Curry, Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry.   The wide range of herbs, spices and ingredients enhances the taste, texture and goodness of the food. This delicious combination of new foods from different cultures will help little ones to develop healthy eating habits and expand their taste buds.I love the fact they contain only natural ingredients; with no preservatives, artificial flavours or colors. and contain no added sugar and salt and are dairy, soya and nut free and gluten free.   For Aisha baby food in a pouch is a convenient, delicious and trusted new way to broaden babies taste palates for both muslim and non-muslim families.  
 Priced at £1.95, for aisha Baby Food Pouches will be available from ASDA from end of October.

Mozzy loving chicken rainbow quinoa

Chicken sweet potato curry ,you know he loved it that is why he finished his meal 

there you go ! One happy bubba !
I would to hear your feedback in comment section below what do you think of For aisha's halal baby food which one is your little ones'  favorite . Mozzy seems to like all three flavors so far .

PR Disclaimer : The items in above review are sent by the company for review purposes . All my opinions and experiences are honest and original .  


Hello December ! where did the time go? this is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons; two very important birthdays . Warm cossy evenings with nice hot coffee and snuggled in sofa with my love bugs and endless story times or Christmas movies . Holiday season ooh  I can't wait !!! 
2016 was definitely life changing in so many ways . I literally stopped buying bright colorful things as I wanted to take control over my life and then my ever so growing wardrobe issues . I started my journey towards minimalism which is well under way and most of all I feel like since I have ditched wearing too many colors things are falling into their places with minimal effort , which means I can spend more time doing things I love ....
Love Jazba

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

where have I been ? ( Life updates)

Deep breath ........ My hands have fiddled so much on the key board about this post in fact for the past few days , that I thought I must put my absence in words otherwise it's never gonna happen . I know I was absent from blogging world forever almost for 2. Years . Technically I was still very much rather proactive on Instagram and on my other social media sites , in other words you can call that microblogging  . In the mean time I fell pregnant with my bubba no 3 and as many of you can understand pregnant with two children is hard enough in itself .I welcomed my third baby on 29th December 2015 .Alhumdulillah (all thanks to Allah). In these 2 years a lot has been changed, my love for fashion ,style and colour selection has all changed . I am on a journey towards minimalism . It's is still a work in progress very much . I will be blogging about to that soon . And I am finally planing on making some sewing tutorials too. I am going to publish backlogs of my family road trips as travelling is our new found love as a family and nothing beats family road trips .
Looking forward for your support in my new ventures around blogging world .
Much love