Saturday, 22 November 2014

Polka dots over polka dots

Hello my dear fellow bloggers and my ever so lovely followers. Todays post is overloaded  with cute prints . I can say since i was a  child i dont remember being obssessed woth polka dots or  bows . I dont really know why ? May be one reason is as  growing up i used to be  a tomboy. But we all go through these phases to become a mature person . I made this black skirt with polka dots a while ago   and the  hardest part was to pair it up in coordination so it looks fab . So after alot of search in clothing stores , i just poped in H&M just on my random hunt for something which will go perectly with my black polka dot skirt . And to my surprise i found a really comfy cream polka dot  chiffon top with the wee  steel buttons on shoulders and collars . And for me it was  a straight hit . I always used to underestimate H&M for fashion . But that day i was converted that you can find a really good stuff there .For me faahion is to come up with solutions while having less possiblities and look trendy , while carrying it so well that you own it .
That is from your  fashionholic seamstress today ! See you all very soon with new posts. EnshaAllah
You all take care