Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lemon Yellow maxi skirt with polka dots top

Asslam alaikum every one I hope you are doing well , inshaAllah ! Today's post is featuring my lemon yellow maxi skirt .It is very bright shade of yellow , which in some cases can attract butterflies !!  I have been making half circle skirts most of the time lately . But I was very skeptical about making a gathered skirt as I thought I will not look good in it or I might not just suit me . But life is all about coming out of your comfort zone and bracing the change . Here are some pictures for you to see how I styled my whole attire !!! 

Picture taken in day light 
Picture taken indoor 

This skirt is available to order if you want to buy it . It's custom made and the abric is pure cotton . This is it from my side for now let me know of your feed back how you would of styled it ? 
Take care .
                     Top: H&M 
        Skirt :
Shoes : new look 
Ring : Primark 
Hijab: local market 
Necklace : eBay 

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