Saturday, 22 November 2014

Polka dots over polka dots

Hello my dear fellow bloggers and my ever so lovely followers. Todays post is overloaded  with cute prints . I can say since i was a  child i dont remember being obssessed woth polka dots or  bows . I dont really know why ? May be one reason is as  growing up i used to be  a tomboy. But we all go through these phases to become a mature person . I made this black skirt with polka dots a while ago   and the  hardest part was to pair it up in coordination so it looks fab . So after alot of search in clothing stores , i just poped in H&M just on my random hunt for something which will go perectly with my black polka dot skirt . And to my surprise i found a really comfy cream polka dot  chiffon top with the wee  steel buttons on shoulders and collars . And for me it was  a straight hit . I always used to underestimate H&M for fashion . But that day i was converted that you can find a really good stuff there .For me faahion is to come up with solutions while having less possiblities and look trendy , while carrying it so well that you own it .
That is from your  fashionholic seamstress today ! See you all very soon with new posts. EnshaAllah
You all take care

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lemon Yellow maxi skirt with polka dots top

Asslam alaikum every one I hope you are doing well , inshaAllah ! Today's post is featuring my lemon yellow maxi skirt .It is very bright shade of yellow , which in some cases can attract butterflies !!  I have been making half circle skirts most of the time lately . But I was very skeptical about making a gathered skirt as I thought I will not look good in it or I might not just suit me . But life is all about coming out of your comfort zone and bracing the change . Here are some pictures for you to see how I styled my whole attire !!! 

Picture taken in day light 
Picture taken indoor 

This skirt is available to order if you want to buy it . It's custom made and the abric is pure cotton . This is it from my side for now let me know of your feed back how you would of styled it ? 
Take care .
                     Top: H&M 
        Skirt :
Shoes : new look 
Ring : Primark 
Hijab: local market 
Necklace : eBay 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hijab Candy store Review And Outfit Of The Day .

Asslam Alaikum everyone hope and pray you are all doing well inshaAllah . Summer has begun here and everyone's ready for maxi dresses in bright colors . this year spring summer big trend is going floral . Yes you heard it right the floral the better ! This post is my review of recent shopping experience from an online hijab store , HIJAB CANDY .
 I love the packaging it looks super professional and eye catching.

 As  the name tells you it has wide variety of very different designs which i liked the most about this store. I purchased two hijabs 1 is in duck egg blue which is a very hard color to find luckily they had it in store. I have been looking for this color for few months now as i really wanted to  match it with my denim top and my new handmade half circle skirt .

2nd hijab is in daisy flower print it is my favorite. both hijabs fabric is soft and standard maxi hijab size . they are easy to color coordinate to many of my outfits.

If you want to add some lovely hijab pieces to your wardrobe go and check their online store here
My order arrived in time with 3 working days. and i payed through Paypal. That is it from my side today hope to see you some time soon in new post inshaAllah . 
Take care.
duck egg blue hijab: HIJAB CANDY

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Stripes and Lime green color combination hijabi outfit!!!!!!!!

Asslam Alaikum everyone , i hope you are all doing well inshaAllah . As most of you  must know by now , how much i love sewing and specially you cant compare the happiness of  sewing  something you draw on paper or imagine in your head !!!!
Lets move on the outfit of the day .

Stripy loose crop top :
Lime green half circle skirt:

As a girl who loves modest fashion and loves to keep up with current trends , its hard to find anything which is hijab friendly  and trendy at the same time . So i couldn't help but make these lovely pieces mashaAllah !!!!
Let me know what do you think of my stripy loose crop top and lime green half circle skirt.
Take care.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spring is here !!!!!! Rose pink outfit if the day .

Asslam alaikum everyone I hope you are all doing great !!!! InshaAllah . Spring came rather early this year and there is soooooooooooouch to be grateful to Allah for blessing is with lovely change of seasons . Everywhere I can see the flowers budding out and oye me so many reasons to get inspired for my new upcoming outfits collections inshaAllah. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the pictures of the outfit! Let me know of your valuable feed back , make my day by dropping comments below. 
It is a simple maxi dress and you can style it up with belt on waist to give yourself and bit defined shape . I just didn't feel like using belt but I will show in updated post how it looks like with belt?

Maxi Dress: wardrobeofstylefashionista(me)
Shoes: Primark 
Bracelets: Primark 
Bag: Matalan 
Head band : Primark 
Jeggings: Primark

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Houndstooth print maxi dress with red hijab outfit ideas

Asslam alaikum ladies hope and pray to Allah that you are all doing well ! InshaAllah spring is on it's way and before the winter is officially over I will hurry to share my outfit of the day . This houndstooth maxi dress was ready few weeks go I started making it a month ago . And I have tried to style it two ways but I liked the last one more: have a look at the pictures and decided it for yourself 

Then I had lunch date with my girl friends and I styled it bit different , but oh my how one piece of your outfit can change the essence of the whole attire !!!!!!! Have look ;

Hijab : bijou brigite 
Maxidress: by wardrobeofstylefashionista 
Necklace : online shop 
Heels: NewLook 
Leather sleeve cardigan: House of  Fraser 
Hope you like this post , I will inshaAllah see you all soon with new post !
Take care 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Lush handmade cosmetics haul!!!!!

Asslam alaikum sisters I hope you are all doing good and keeping warm as much awaited snow might be on its way!!!!!! Today's post is about my tiny haul from lush as winters are all about a bit more TLC for our body, nail, skin and hair. Sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy the pictures . As this post has tour of the lovely lush shop too 

This is what I love about lush you can apply the fresh masks there and then and see for yourself !!! That's the beauty at its freshest!
The lovely lady demonstrated the corn meal daily cleanser. 

Now my purchases :

Brazed honey 

Hair doctor

 Bubblegum lip scrub

Cornmeal facial cleanser

Seaweed facial cleanser

Free new orange jelly soap with real orange bits!!
That's it for today. You all take care. 
May Allah be with you.