Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Outfit of the day !!!!

Today's post is featuring my own custom made maxi dress made by me ahm!ahm! It is super comfy and hijab friendly. As a new hijabi It was a whole lot of restyle operation going through my entire
wardrobe from jewellery pieces to the shoes I had to coordinate . So I do love the collared blouses tucked in maxi skirts but for some reasons.i don't think I can ever pull it off or may be I am just too scared to try the whole attire ? I really can't solve this confusion ^^ working in it. But one thing is sure it is way beyond my comfort zone. So I decided to play with my creativity within my comfort zone and I sew this simple hijab friendly maxi dress. A cardigan with the right color combination can never go wrong with maxi dress.you can up do the whole attire , regarding the occasion or completely go down casual . There is whole lot of interesting and exciting world out there for experimenting.
Have a look at the pics and see it for yourself.

For make up I went for really natural colors as my outfit's colours were really pop and bright , so I kept natural eye shadows but bright pink lips as it really went well with my line green jumper.

That is it for today I am slowed down hell lot in blogging but hopefully I will posting more often in future. Please show your love in  comments section below. And let me know your feedback. 
Take care.


  1. Congratulations on the hijab dear.May Allah make it easy for you.You look fabulous masha Allah.Love the lipstick

    1. thank you so much shehrzad for lovely words.


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