Monday, 2 September 2013


Hi everyone !! i hope your are making the most with last bit of summer , i am writing this post overlooking lovely sunshine on the mountains  , which i never expected this time of year . Autumn is knocking on our doors with a little chill in the breeze, right! Lets gets started with my Accessorize haul post , here is a lovely bag from the shop let see whats inside?
i was excited for this warped  one first as i decided to get gift warped one of the lovely golden bib necklaces
Look at the lovely layers of tissue and these cute stickers!! this makes the products appeal so big and the feel of wanted.

Td da!

I am so looking forward to pair this lovely bib necklace in one of attires , cant wait friends!!!

Then there is this big long oversize beaded chain necklace with coordinating spiky bracelet.
Have a closer look. You can never go wrong with this brands quality, worth every penny you pay

Then i stopped over Marks&Spencer and this little cute nail lacquer  caught my eye. It was a limited edition and i like buying stuff specifically which is for limited edition .Only because , a little confession it looks bit unique and u don't see that on everyone.

I am not an expert and no way near , so i am really excited to try these coral tones contrast with golden on my nails.

below is closer shot.
That  is it today from my side , let me know your thoughts about these? show your love in the comment box below . It makes my day. If your bought any new thing regarding jewelry or any accessory leave the link below i would love to see .
Take care


  1. Lovely picks dear, me also waiting to see that necklace being paired with the best dress:)

  2. wow the jewelry is all so good.I was drooling over the spiked bracelet.Lucky you...lovely shots

  3. the nail polishes looks yummy....nice haul shaz


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