Friday, 7 June 2013

Hello everyone ,
                       how's everyone's weekend is coming along , i have been so excited to start out blogging  after long maternity break , just need to do some time management . I have bought these products for the first time and i am so excited try out these products for the first time!!!
Here is what i bought:

And this is the gift i received at the counter while i bought these products thats why i loveeeeee Lancome!!!!

Here is the full shot of the "Jenny Packham"  Lancome Makeup bag!!

Comforting  Cleanser Creamy Foam  Dry Skin : £22.00
La vie est belle - Body Lotion : £30.00
Gift set : free


  1. Wow shaz, Lancome is a great brand no doubt. Following u :)

    1. Yes Faby I agree the quality with name is must have !!!! Following you back Hun , don't be a stranger keep urself updated ok I will do the same . Xx

  2. I love Lancome Products! Good blog you have =) let me give you a follow

    1. hey nida i am so glad to finally connect with girls back home !!!!, not that i have problems with dolls here.Its just nice to connect with people of same interests yayyyyyyy!!!!!!


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