Monday, 23 December 2013

Grey hijab and blue maxi dress , Outfit Of The Day ideas

Aslam alaikum everyone in today's post i will share my One of the hijab friendly outfit . I made this blue maxi dress in silk mixed fabric and have a look what you think of my styling ? If you have any suggestions or styling ideas let me know. In the comments below.

That is it from my side dears!
Take care 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cream maxi hijab and green Maxi dress Outfit Of the day

Aslam alaikum every one I have been sewing some maxi dresses lately and I have been wearing them every week to events ,so to kick start today's post I am sharing this green sleeveless maxi dress , 
Styled it up with net top and cream maxi hijab. This shade of green is very subtle and just right tone not too bright , not too dull . Just a very balanced tone of green and cream colour complimentary with it. And I wore it in another  style in following pic have a look 

A cardigan can be paired up too. Both styles work really well mashAllah!
 Let me know in your feed back what you think of the dress or any other styling suggestions for this look? I would love to hear from you.
That's it from my side today . Take are until we meet with a brand new post.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Aslam alakum everyone!! Just a quick post of monochrome outfit!

I hope you all like it. 
Take care 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Outfit of the day !!!!

Today's post is featuring my own custom made maxi dress made by me ahm!ahm! It is super comfy and hijab friendly. As a new hijabi It was a whole lot of restyle operation going through my entire
wardrobe from jewellery pieces to the shoes I had to coordinate . So I do love the collared blouses tucked in maxi skirts but for some reasons.i don't think I can ever pull it off or may be I am just too scared to try the whole attire ? I really can't solve this confusion ^^ working in it. But one thing is sure it is way beyond my comfort zone. So I decided to play with my creativity within my comfort zone and I sew this simple hijab friendly maxi dress. A cardigan with the right color combination can never go wrong with maxi can up do the whole attire , regarding the occasion or completely go down casual . There is whole lot of interesting and exciting world out there for experimenting.
Have a look at the pics and see it for yourself.

For make up I went for really natural colors as my outfit's colours were really pop and bright , so I kept natural eye shadows but bright pink lips as it really went well with my line green jumper.

That is it for today I am slowed down hell lot in blogging but hopefully I will posting more often in future. Please show your love in  comments section below. And let me know your feedback. 
Take care.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Beat the chill with blues, First Outfit of the fall2013

Aslam alakum everyone!!! I hope you find this post in good health and spirits. About me , I have been feeling bit  under the weather and keeping up with fluids.Todays post is about a change in my treasured wardrobe and accessories 
I was very skeptical about the whole look because of colour coordination. But in the end it went all well.

The review for this lovely scarf is coming right up in next post. That is it from my side , do share your outfit of the day . I would love to have your feedback in the comments section below. 
Take care 
          Blue Maxi dress : online shop 
          Flat pumps : NewLook
          Nude mid heels : Primark
        Necklace & Bracelets : Accessoriez 
        Coral clutch: Ebay
        Scarf: Basma
        Cardigan : Primark 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Rimmel moisture Renew Lipstick Rouge A Levers review

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well in good spirits. Autumn has taken over this part of world in such a beautiful way , I can see all the rich shades of oranges, reds and deep tangy yellows around me . Today's post is related to my newly rediscovered passion for lipsticks.  I have been using them for a month now and to findout what I say about this amazing reasonably priced lipstick keep reading. I purchased it at Morrisons, during my grocery shopping trip.

I swatched one on Rimmed London  counter and picked three of them at once as I just so liked them. The introductory price was 4.99 pounds each. You. Can buy them in any drug store in Uk or online


Above is the picture when I applied it first, it felt so creamy more towards on heavy side so, I dabbed my lips on tissue and below in picture you can see the color pay off is so good that you can't see the difference. I just loved the smooth texture of this lipstick, beware these lipsticks stain on fabric and you have to be carefully while you are around light colored fabric.

This 220 is a very subtle colour and the texture is just perfect and less heavy comparing to As YOU WANT VICTORIA 360 .

I would suggest putting some foundation or a bit if concealer on lips before applying this lovely nude colour perfect for pairing up with dark intense smokey eye make up. The texture is same as Heather shimmer220 .                                                                   

My thoughts all in all about these lipsticks is that , I would definitely recommend them , as they are extremely reasonably priced and the color pay and wear time is  good too. As the name says it all it is moisturising to some extent .It lasts more than 4hours provided without eating. That is it from my side today, let me know what you think of these in the comments below. Don't forget to share what you have been liking in lip colours these days.
Take care 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Eid Mubarak everyone!!!!!!!

I hope you all had lovely and blessed Eid-ul-Azha . You can't compare the celebrations in England to the ones back home! I just got so busy with the preparations that I completely forgot to take picture of my outfit but fortunately I managed to capture the eye makeup of the day . 

And here is the lip colour as the eye shadows were used matching colour of my outfit I wanted to go for not too bright lip colour so I used LancĂ´me's Rouge in love colour for lips .
That's is it for today , I am posting a short post only because I have tons of posts to share with my lovely followers and readers .I know it's been long absence and to be precisely honest I did miss blogging ,but this post is a kick start of come back! Do share what you wore on Eid or your OOTDs I love hearing from you . If you want me to visit your blog leave the link below in comments and I will check out your blogger sooner as I get chance.
You all take care.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I still have my feet on ground , i just wear better shoes [Oprah Winfrey]

Hello everyone i hope you are all doing well , winters are definitely trumping around me ! i just love the transitions of climate how the bright summery shades of plants and spring change into rich and dark shades . i took a week and half break because school started and just wanted to take time of to think of something fresh as for me keeping the blogging in fresh mode is very important ! So lots of new posts will be coming up this Autumn. Lets get started with today long awaited shoe haul. As long as i remember two things i used to collect from whatever money i ever owned  in my school and university days is SHOES AND BAGS  !!!!
I would share a little story about my shoe and bags collection here. When i moved out of my mum's place helpers/movers  thought i used to own a shop of shoes and bag . such sarcasm! following shoes are from NewLook my favorite shoe shop ! prices are so reasonable and most important the comfort factor, no point buying a pair if its uncomfortable. I was lucky that i found a white studded clutch matching with platform heels.

Oh how can we forget the coral wedges! after all the hype has been created about coral tones this year.

These tan mid wedges are super comfortable but trendy at the same time.

There is the  full haul collection.

On the way back from NewLook i happened to see these bargains and couldn't resist!!! after all these peep toe pumps are super soft comfy and i walked all day on day trip and i had happy feet end of it. I bought them from Tesco.

That is for now, i hope you like this post if you do show your love in the comment box below. Do share if you are shoe and bag lover like me !
Take care.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Hi everyone i hope you are all doing well,  finally!we said good byes to prolonged summer in Britain yesterday. Today's post is my outfit of the day lets get started then!
I wore this lovely outfit from Origins for lunch date with girls.
  I am absolutely converted to this high street brand it offers value for money and delivers a quality stuff . the stitching is so clean finish to seams , the product does the talking !!!! It has lovely golden embroidery which is a perfect minimal approach for lunch . Less is more!!! at this time.

It has lovely trail style which is so in trend these days.

So i went for these neutral tones accessories to pair up this outfit. Oversize necklace, beaded  bracelets mixed up with gold bangles.

Again clutch is coordinating with all the tones i am wearing . Shoes are mid heels with cage buckle straps they are trending this fall too.

On lips i am wearing Rimmel Apocalips.
That is it it today from my side, let me know your thoughts ? in the comment section below. if you ant me check out your blog leave the link with your comment . No spam allowed. please.
                                                          Take care.
                    Oversized necklace :Morrissons
                     Lips: Rimmel Appcalips
                     Bracelets: Primark

Monday, 2 September 2013


Hi everyone !! i hope your are making the most with last bit of summer , i am writing this post overlooking lovely sunshine on the mountains  , which i never expected this time of year . Autumn is knocking on our doors with a little chill in the breeze, right! Lets gets started with my Accessorize haul post , here is a lovely bag from the shop let see whats inside?
i was excited for this warped  one first as i decided to get gift warped one of the lovely golden bib necklaces
Look at the lovely layers of tissue and these cute stickers!! this makes the products appeal so big and the feel of wanted.

Td da!

I am so looking forward to pair this lovely bib necklace in one of attires , cant wait friends!!!

Then there is this big long oversize beaded chain necklace with coordinating spiky bracelet.
Have a closer look. You can never go wrong with this brands quality, worth every penny you pay

Then i stopped over Marks&Spencer and this little cute nail lacquer  caught my eye. It was a limited edition and i like buying stuff specifically which is for limited edition .Only because , a little confession it looks bit unique and u don't see that on everyone.

I am not an expert and no way near , so i am really excited to try these coral tones contrast with golden on my nails.

below is closer shot.
That  is it today from my side , let me know your thoughts about these? show your love in the comment box below . It makes my day. If your bought any new thing regarding jewelry or any accessory leave the link below i would love to see .
Take care