Friday, 27 April 2012


yet another haul because its MUA s birthday week so i decided to buy their new launch product LIP BOOM. i have got two blushes, pair of eye lashes, felt eye liner and a of course talking about birthday week of MUA i have got a free glamour night eye palette with my order.

(from left to right ) blusher, eye lashes,glamour night palette,lipBoom, blusher,

glamour night palette

blusher shade 2

lip boom VIBE

here i tested it on my lips )
The LIP BOOM is amazing, i have got to say the lipstick is very smooth glides on your lips and the lip gloss on top is the magic sprinkle works as a fairy dust on your lips. I called it fairy dust because lipstick is very matte and the lip gloss almost  gives the lips a BOOM. Alright girls the name says it.

[these products are all my own bought ]


  1. hey shaz:)! im shaz too:P!
    nice haul, loveeeeeeeeeeeee the lip boom, its sucha a gorgeous shade!!! i like the little reflex coming thru!
    all the best for your pregnancy inshallah:)!

    1. Thanks hun for your lovely comment, same here with lip boom. I hope inshallah I will buy some more lip boom shades. Thanks for wishing for my pregnancy, remember me in ur prayers.

  2. wao great haul and great lip swatch.... I got my MUA stuff today through just4girls and I am exited to try my lip boom (OMG)

    btw m new follower I would love if you follow back

    1. thank you so much for visiting my blog , of course i would love to follow u back hun, keep visiting and don't be stranger, have great day x.

  3. This is my favt lip color Looks grt on you :)


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