Saturday, 21 April 2012


hi everyone, i hope u find this post in lovely spirits and having lovely weekend where you r i n the world, just a little post about my recent purchase from MUA . This brand is very affordable and full of variety of wonderful products. I heard about this brand couple of years ago and i still preferred to go for high ends like

  • BODY SHOP  and NO 7, only because whenever i saw the MUA products on the shelves they were either fallen from their racks or people must have handled them in a very bad manner that they were coming out of their containers like blushes broken or eye shadows in testing rack all broken badly. So i assumed that its a amazingly cheap cosmetics it wouldn't be good, but guess what i was so wrong when i read the reviews about them on their official website. people are loving their products and i am a girl i don't even try things which is something i am trying to overcome now. So going against all the odds i have bought :
    • face primer
    • lipstick
    • lip balm
    • eye primer
    • immaculate palette
    • mono eye shadow

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This is the  immaculate palette which was free with the offer

this is in shade 7 pearl and there is a little story behind it this mono eye shadow was free after i don my shopping in the day time but this was free with eye primer purchase in evening time , but MUA was so nice and generous i asked them if i could avail this offer as i purchased my stuff the same day but in morning and i knew they wouldn't of done packaging yet. And i got instant response and i got that free too. what a bargain!!!!!!!

lip balm 

eye primer and face primer (left to right)

tested eye primer on my hand

u can see the shiny surface show the difference, that skin is ready to apply  eye shadow color now

here i applied the mono eye shadow no7 pearl i didnt apply too much it was just one  slightly bit with my finger tip

i said i  would do the swatch soon and review soon, but u know what i have been dragging myself through this last trimester, and just added the pics and swatch the eye primer and mono eye shadow. but i hope i will be able to do much more soon after i have had my baby(,INSHALLAH)
untill then you all take care
love x


  1. I have yet to buy something MUA. But whenever I am on the verge of buying, something else comes up :/
    Waiting for the review and pictures. :)
    New follower. Hope you follow back too:

    1. hi shang, i understand this does happen sometimes with certain things that u never ever get time to stop but u know what , this is what i have been doing until now.after i back to my routine after my pregnancy break u watch lol, its all girly isnt it. we do have to keep up with that.

    2. hi Shang j i hope u got it and followed your blog check it and let me know if i am following your blog because it was bit tricky i signed up in blog lovin.

  2. Nice, I'd love to see the pictures though xx :)

    1. hi Marib i have done some pics i hope you and all my lovely followers like it too.take care x

  3. Great haul. I am also getting myself some MUA goodies. ^_^

    Nice blog by the way! Keep it coming :) xx

    1. awwww!!!! thanks so much hun, so glad to have you here.


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